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Rodney Arbona

Rodney John Arbona was born in, Queens, NY. His great-grandfather came from Spain and settled in Puerto Rico where his Dad was born. His Mom, is a first-generation American; her family came from Athens, Greece.

With an unquenchable thirst for learning and desire to become as prepared for adult life as possible, Rodney attended a technical school in New York City where he received a Digital Technology Degree. With a deeply ingrained and unwavering belief in himself, he rose from living on a park bench to Vice President of Chase Bank.

Rodney always had a passion for fashion and pursued this love by designing his own suits. After receiving numerous compliments on his attire one day he was encouraged by a stranger, who admired his style, to start his own business. Following the 9/11 disaster, Chase began downsizing, he decided it was finally time to take a leap of faith and begin his own business. With one tailor and rock-solid determination, his clothing company began to grow and in a short period of time was they were doing business with some of the most widely known companies in the world like Diesel, Zenga, Ted Baker, Zara, Loro Piana and Macy's to name a few.

His clothing business was just the beginning of his expressing his creativity. Rodney believed one of the best aspects was meeting amazing people like Adrien Brody, John Turturro, Keith Hernandez along with meeting Ashley Judd, Buzz Aldrin, Alfredo Versace to name a few.


In April 2016 Rodney Arbona created and began hosting "No Excuses" Radio and Television shows.

With this, he began to fulfill a hidden desire he had not yet expressed... to build a legacy of inspiration and achievement for people.  Allowing the people he touches a better understanding of how they too can enjoy a "No Excuses" lifestyle...!!!


Rodney lives in the beautiful and tranquil Pocono Mountains, PA.

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